Rith Sokun Kong & Sophia Vonn

Capital Shoe Clinic

Mr Bill Sioulas (as a representative of Golpro Holdings) has been the friendly and supportive landlord for our little business, Capital Shoe Clinic, for the last number of years. My husband (Rith Sokun Kong) and I would like to take this occasion to convey our immense gratitude to him.

Before the pandemic, when Golpro first acquired the building, Mr. Bill made sure to immediately fix things that had been malfunctioning – like the lighting – which was very much appreciated – both by us and our customers. 

During the pandemic, when our little downtown shop was hard hit by a lack of workers in the Ottawa core, we really appreciated his patience and understanding as we worked to keep our business thriving and our rent cheques on time.

Mr Bill was very generous in how he took our circumstances into account. Despite his assistance and support, however, after almost two years of the pandemic and six weeks of a convoy downtown, we were unable to keep running the business and made the difficult decision to close our shop.

Throughout all of this, Mr Bill was kind, generous, and understanding of our situation.  We will always remember his goodness, and trust that he will be fortunate in life because of his good deeds.

We’d like to express our great gratitude to Bill Sioulas, Golpro Holdings and all their employees for their dedication and excellent care of the Capital Shoe Clinic.

Julian Cobisa

Mediterra Holdings & Realty Inc

I purchased my commercial units back in 1995 from Commerce City Properties, the developers of 2000 Thurston CCC#429. In 2001 Bill, an employee for Commerce City Properties, managed the property for a few years. When Commerce City was sold. Bill was unfortunately unable to keep managing the property. 

Over the years our condo has gone through several condo management companies, but the service level and real estate management knowledge was not what we were used to with Bill. His immediate
response time and excellence in problem-solving solutions surpassed all others. 

In 2017, when the Condo Board found out that Bill was with Golpro Holdings and took on third party
management contracts, we approached him to come back and manage the Condo Corporation. 

He came in at a time of several major issues of conflict with the management company at that time,
owner disputes, overrun legal expenses, too many outstanding receivables and increasing condo fees. 

As soon as Bill accepted and signed on to manage the property, I volunteered my time to sit on the
Board after a long absence due to the conflicts mentioned.

Within the first six months of his management, the legal disputes were resolved, operating financials
started meeting budget, new contracts were drafted with several service trades that resulted in reduced operating costs and our receivables were brought and remain at zero. 

His Golpro team of maintenance personnel, in-house chartered accountants and a highly skilled service contractors has much improved all the unit owners’ condo investment. Bill also manages the condo’s financial investment portfolio of GIC’s and Term deposits. 

Our AGM’s are now not more than 20 minutes long and all unit owners are more than satisfied with the
service from Bill and his Golpro Administration Team.

Dr. Charles E

Somerset Dental Centre
706-710 Somerset St.

It is with pleasure that I share my experience of dealing with Golpro. The company’s director of real estate, Bill Sioulas has been active in managing the building at 708 Somerset St. West since Golpro acquired it a couple of years back. Since then the building has been under going an upgrading process after Bill came up with some creative solutions which have effectively stopped the long standing littering and graffiti/vandalism problems. We had initially planned to relocate our dental clinic at the end of the lease but Bill gained our confidence in Golpro and we signed a long term lease with an option as well as taking over the space next door that had been vacant for a long time. Golpro assisted with upgrading the space and Bill was hands-on in managing the project.

His project management skill was impressive to watch. His years of experience in real estate and construction and a slew of trades made the transformation of the space look easy. I truly felt that I had a partner managing the construction - we even had interior design help from Emily who helped with selecting the reception countertop. As the face of Golpro, Bill showed high level of competence, professionalism, responsiveness. The dental clinic now looks spacious, modern and brand new. Thanks to Bill and his Golpro team.

I would highly recommend Golpro.

Barry Padolsky

Barry Padolsky Associates Inc. Architects
47 Clarence St.

As tenants of the Mercury Court Building since 1989, we are pleased to provide this testimonial of appreciation to Golpro Holdings Inc for its management of this commercial property since acquiring it in July 2015.

We appreciate the company’s attentiveness to the well being of our work environment including facility upgrades (elevators, HVAC system, lighting) and its proactive efforts to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, which translate directly into reducing operating costs.

We also appreciate Golpro’s obvious respect for the heritage value of this building and its active participation in the economic and cultural well being of the By Ward Market District.

During the current Covid-19 crisis, Golpro has been proactive in taking specific measures to ensure the health and safety of tenants and visitors including initiating an immediate lockdown, providing a pandemic guide and carrying out disinfectant procedures.

As professional architects we have observed Golpro’s excellent project management skills in carrying out tenant leasehold improvements within the building and projects on other properties. Thank you for your caring and professionalism

Vish Tyagi

Lone Star Texas Grill
Mercury Court - 377 Dalhousie Street

My time spent getting to know Goldy, Bill and the entire Golpro team has been an absolute pleasure. They are continually professional, courteous and dedicated to providing a consistent and outstanding partnership with our business. The Golpro team believe in an open dialogue which leads to any and all issues being dealt with in a timely manner. This results in a much more effective process that steers team members away from attempting to solve issues on their own, as well as the encouragement of a positive group and work atmosphere.

Our hours of operation encompass the majority of each day and Bill has always been accessible during that time. He has made himself available to us day or night with any problems that may have arisen. Moreover, Bill is consistently ready to help out, problem solve and address any concerns I may have. He has always extended this same courtesy to the entirety of my staff as well.

During a recent renovation of our location, the Golpro team helped out through offering advice and guidance at each step of the process. This includes access to their connections, contact information of contractors and electricians, as well as providing us with appropriate and updated information for our fire suppression systems. Bill constantly shows how much he cares for his tenants and will have your back through thick and thin.

Jacob Visutskie

1158 Bank Street

For a small business, one of our biggest expenses and stresses is our Property. This causes a lot of stress and pressure on us as we wear many hats as small business owners. We were very lucky to be introduced to Golpro (Goldy Singh and Bill Sioulas).

​Bill and Goldy are making our dream of property ownership a reality. From assisting us with a Lease to Own agreement on our space we are excited to have partnered with Golpro. Bill is such a vibrant and community oriented person, it is an absolute pleasure to see Bill and call upon him for any concerns with the property. Bill is a phone call away, and has such a great connection of contacts, which makes us feel like a burden has been lifted off of our shoulders, and we can focus on our business not managing our building.

Federico Alvarez

SNC Lavalin

As a highly energy conscious organization, Golpro Holdings Inc. has decided to partner with SNC-Lavalin to rework the heating and cooling system at the Mercury Court Building to capitalize on substantial energy use reduction. Imitated as a two phase project to reduce occupant impact, the ongoing energy improvements will be implemented throughout the Winter and Summer of 2017. The existing heating and cooling systems at Mercury Court are original to the building's construction; they were designed and implemented at a time when energy efficiency was not such a driving force.

The systems were well maintained, however inevitably, they were also reaching the end of their life cycle. While like for like replacements are common, Golpro Holdings Inc. recognized that over the years there have been significant advances in heating and cooling equipment. SNC-Lavalin evaluated these options and provided an optimized design to implement a turnkey solution that will provide a substantial upwards shift in Mercury Court’s overall energy efficiency.

Joy Overtveld

Gi-Las Management & Maintenance
327 Frank St.

We were experiencing multiple, seemingly intractable problems awhile ago with a commercial warehouse space that was going rapidly downhill. Our lawyer recommended Bill Sioulas at Golpro Holdings Inc. for commercial property management and we have been mentored by him and his team ever since. First, Bill assessed the building and made a series of recommendations to improve both the revenue stream and market positioning. We are still gradually implementing many of his insightful recommendations from that report.

Golpro’s team has expertly maneuvered us through some rather tricky situations since then. Bill has demonstrated himself throughout to be conscientious, courteous, prompt and extremely knowledgeable in all of our encounters. While we are not entirely out of the woods yet, he and his coterie of carefully hand-picked suppliers have really turned this building around. This talented network of reliable, efficient and cost-effective tradespeople, all introduced and managed through Golpro Holdings, have had a major impact on how the property is perceived and consequently the caliber of tenants now being attracted to the site.

What I really appreciate is Golpro’s credibility. Bill follows through exactly on what he says he will do; he navigates workable, practical deals quickly and effectively with both suppliers and prospective tenants; and has remained attentive, responsive to our needs and consistently trustworthy throughout despite the many obstacles in our path. Golpro has their clients’ best interests at heart and is generous both with time and their own expertise: a valuable and precious resource for those of us so much less experienced in this market and this industry.

We also really appreciate Bill’s philanthropic contributions to our community – in short, Bill is a well-respected colleague and mentor and we are extremely lucky to have him and his team here in Ottawa!​

David Andrade

General Manager
60 By Ward Market Square

Under Bill Sioulas’ direction Golpro Holdings has been the building manager of my corporate company's leased location in the heart of Ottawa's By Ward Market since I started as the General Manager at EQ3. Since then, Bill has been accommodating and professional in all aspects of the job. For whatever job I needed done on the property, Bill was just a phone call away and would often have someone at our location within 24 hours.

​What is special about Bill is he cares about his tenants, always accompanying trade workers to the property to ensure the scope of the work to be done is understood and that the workers are qualified to have it completed in a timely manner. Bill looks out for the best interest of his tenants, often networking his tenants to further their businesses' success. Bill has personally recommended clients to my business which has resulted in large sales, something that is above and beyond I have ever experienced from a building manager. Bill's involvement in my business has made me feel he is more than just a building manager, and actually more like a partner.

Barry Padolsky

Barry Padolsky Associates Inc. Architects
Mercury Court 377 Dalhousie Street

Golpro Holdings Inc. have recently purchased this building at 377 Dalhousie Street and immediately proceeded to improving things including energy cost saving improvements. As tenants we have worked with Golpro Holdings in the capacity of renewing our lease and relocating our space within the building. As project managers and lease negotiators, Golpro acted more as our real estate partner in order to make sure we maintained our budget and construction schedule. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend Golpro to anyone that is looking for space to lease. The new owner and staff are very friendly and will resolve any maintenance issues immediately.

Thanks to Goldy, Bill, and Golpro staff!

Fernando Martinez

ITO Chiquicuts Corporation
1366 Clyde Avenue

Golpro Holdings has done an amazing job maintaining our plaza. In a short time, we have seen several improvements, new lighting are now shining bright on the common areas and the parking area, the front and back of the plaza are routinely cleaned, and a security system has been implemented for the benefit of the tenants.

We would like to thank Golpro and Bill Sioulas for their commitment and fine caring of the plaza. It makes a positive difference not only for the tenants but to our customers.

Thank you