Mercury Court Building and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The introduction of the fresh air is monitored through the buildings controls system to ensure, regardless of occupancy levels, that the Indoor Air Quality exceeds and maintained to todays specifications. This Fresh Air is delivered directly and individually to each tenant space through a dedicated ductwork supply network.


Performed by 59 individual Heat Pump units. Each Heat Pump unit has its own air filter and filters the air 24 hrs a day through the constant circulation option. Each Heat Pump unit also has the latest in UV Technology to further purify the air 24 hrs a day.          

This UV technology has proven performance in Eliminating Viruses as well as other air cleansing action to ensure safe reliable Indoor Air.

The Heat Pump System employed at Mercury Court is an Energy Smart System, sharing the energy required for heating and cooling throughout the building.

Safety of the Evaporative Cooling Tower is provided by an automatic Water Treatment System that ensures safe operation and eliminates the potential of Legionella bacteria, through the introduction of a biocide. The 59 individual UV air purifiers, provide a level of clean air confidence that exceeds todays standards.   


  • Premises: Second floor – open concept – Double door main entrance glazed
  • Area: 3,154 sq. ft. 83’ x 38’ – no columns
  • Ceiling: 11-foot, open steel web joists – 2×2 recessed tile in washroom area
  • Roof: New roof insulated 12R. Factor
  • Floor: New carpet tile installed
  • Glazing: All new windows and blinds installed – Windows on 3 sides
  • New Dual shade in Distinction FR Fabric installed.
  • Washroom: New washroom – Ceramic tile throughout –
  • Rough in for kitchen – Drywall ceiling with pot lights in kitchen area
  • HVAC: 2 five-ton Lennox units installed, ready for tenant distribution
  • Signage: Exterior signage on three sides, sign boxes installed and ready for tenant graphics
  • Parking: Six (6) reserved parking stalls located by main entrance


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